Network! Say yes to opportunities. Get certified.

Layne Cassidy shares her top takeaways from her MBA in Digital Media Management (DMBA) internship.

Layne Cassidy

Company: TripChamp, Austin, Texas (travel technology start-up)
Internship Position: Product Coordinator

Q: What are your internship/job responsibilities this summer?
A: At TripChamp, I serve as a product coordinator intern. My responsibilities include working directly with our Chief Product Officer assisting with UI design and product development. I also work extensively within operations creating new processes and work flows for several departments. A major product I created this summer was a new vendor integration process to improve efficiency within our supplier team. I also serve as co-manager of social media where I am creating a social media guide and marketing strategy. I also monitor several social platforms.

Q: What are you learning about the industry?
I’ve learned several things: There is definitely room for disruptive innovation within the travel technology industry because current technology is outdated. The industry is also fun! I enjoy learning about worldwide travel trends and how flight inventories are distributed. Of course, managing social media and looking up beautiful destinations is a plus!

Q: What will you take away from this experience that you can apply in future digital marketing or business positions?
A key learning point for me has been how a start-up is structured. I’ve received experience in digital marketing, operations, product development and project management. I’m considering several career paths due to my experience in several functional areas.

Q: What tips would you offer DMBA students seeking internships or positions in digital marketing?
Network! Speak with your professors and let them know what you may be interested in. My digital marketing professor, David Altounian, told my class about a position at a music tech start-up. Though I have since realized I do not want to work in the music tech industry, it is through this connection that I found my current position. 

Say yes to opportunities. I started with the music tech start-up volunteering five hours per week. I now have a paid 30-hour per week position. It is only because I said yes to an opportunity and made an amazing connection that I now work at TripChamp.

Get certified. Learn Google Analytics, Salesforce and other major technological platforms. Even watching YouTube videos and independent study is essential to giving yourself a competitive advantage in digital marketing. Ask your professors what systems are beneficial and be proactive in your education. Volunteering with a friend’s business to run social media and marketing is also an easy way to gain some experience. Every bit helps!

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