The Bachelor of Arts in History at St. Edward’s embraces the people and places of the past and examines the complex interplay of culture, ideas and everyday life. The versatility of a history degree is well suited to careers ranging from researcher or archivist to museum curator, lawyer or teacher.

You’ll study the impact of people, ideas and events on communities and world culture as you gain valuable historical knowledge and hone your research, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills.

Bachelor of Arts in History


As a BA in History major, you’ll explore the origins and evolution of different cultures. You’ll learn about people, events, cultures, geography, politics and ideas and be able to make sense of the complex situations that occurred in the past and exist today. You’ll explore and gain an understanding of the issues that face the United States and the world in an ever-changing global community.

With a BA in History, graduates are prepared to work in a variety of fields. History graduates may work as foreign service officers, lawyers, museum curators or archivists. Other opportunities include careers as professional writers, information managers conducting research, librarians and teachers in elementary or secondary schools. This degree is also appealing to international employers seeking experts who understand local cultures and history.

Students often select the BA in History degree as a bridge to law school, or to graduate school in order to teach at the college level. Close interaction with the history faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes, research and program events — prepares you with expertise and skills in research, analysis and writing that employers value.

Course Preview:

In addition to the general education courses required of all majors, and elective courses, BA in History majors take courses from these groups:

Students who major in history complete core courses, which include U.S. History, World Civilization, Modern World, Western Civilization, European History and Historical Investigation.

BA in History majors complete supporting courses, which include Latin American History, U.S. History, European History and Asian History.

The culmination of your history degree is a Senior Seminar course: Historical Investigation. Students delve into the origins and craft of the historian, then choose a topic for extensive research and investigation — concluding with an academic research paper. Historical Investigation challenges history majors to understand conflicting historical interpretations, to find and interpret a variety of historical sources, and to demonstrate their proficiency with computer databases and library resources.

View the Degree Plan (PDF) for sample course information for the Bachelor of Arts in History.


History majors have the option to complete internships with prominent historical associations, top businesses and nonprofit agencies. Internships are excellent opportunities to explore your passion for a particular era or historical issue and to sharpen your analytical skills and collaborate with field professionals. An internship is an outstanding addition to your résumé and can give you a distinct advantage for graduate school or your career path.

Our students have gained valuable on-the-job experience in organizations such as these:

  • Archeology Lab, Texas State Historical Commission
  • Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Texas State Cemetery
  • Texas State Library and Archives Commission


At St. Edward’s, you’ll participate in hands-on historical research as a significant component of your courses. A major, original research paper is central to the BA in History degree. You’ll collaborate with professors and build confidence and skills that prepare you for graduate studies and your career.

Our history majors have won numerous research awards and have presented their work at professional forums, including:

  • Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Conference
  • Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) at St. Edward’s University
  • World History Association of Texas Conference

Our students have had their research published in such journals as:  

  • Arete – St. Edward’s University academic journal
  • J Source – St. Edward’s University undergraduate research journal
  • Texas Heritage – journal of the Texas Heritage Society

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