Apply to be a Wild Basin Artist-In-Residence

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Artist in Residence application deadline: July 15, 2019

The Wild Basin Creative Research Center Artist in Residence (AIR) offers professional artists of the Austin area an inspirational environment in which to pursue their various mediums to further their creative development in a natural setting. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is a uniquely situated urban natural area reflecting the personality of Austin, at once wild and modern, natural and technologically advanced, protected and developing. 

In conjunction with St. Edward’s University, Wild Basin seeks to support creative multidisciplinary research and local arts and offer interaction with this experience to the community. Wild Basin will host two artists per year (Spring: March-May and Fall: September-November). Artists of all disciplines in the Austin area are encouraged to apply. Artists are given access to the nature center and the preserve in which to produce. 

When in residence, the artist is free to work independently, but has some responsibilities to interact with the preserve and activities occurring there (see below). Artists are responsible for their own travel costs and must live within a commutable distance. Some supplies and materials will be covered by stipend based on application. Designated workspace and assistance with AIR events and activities will be provided. 

Description of Residency:

  • The artist will be expected to donate a piece created during or inspired by their residency to the Wild Basin Creative Research Center permanent collection. 
  • Present two workshops during the residency:
  • Workshop/ demonstration for adults
  • Workshop for school-age children.
  • Work on premises at least one day per week.
  • Display works created during the residency at Wild Basin.
  • Be willing to by filmed, photographed or interviewed for the center archives and website.
  • Comply with all policies of Wild Basin while an Artist in Residence.
  • Add samples of activities developed for workshops to the Wild Basin activity archive.

Application Process:

Submit a brief statement from the applicant stating what he/she hopes to achieve during the residency and indicating their preferred residency period, resume, digital samples of work, and the signed application form. Applications may be submitted by email to the Wild Basin Director ( for consideration by committee. Award will be made based on merit and understanding of the mission of Wild Basin Creative Research Center. Selections will be made without regard to race, religion, sex, disability, marital status, age or national origin. Deadline for fall 2019 or spring 2020 application is July 15, 2019. Awards will be announced one month before the start of residency.

About Wild Basin:

Since 2009, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve has been co-owned and co-managed by St. Edward’s University and Travis County. Starting with the grassroots establishment of the preserve in the 1970s, Wild Basin supporters and staff have had a long history of being innovators in protecting what is essential to Austin and supporting interdisciplinary creative research opportunities on the stunning 227 acres of protected wilderness. In addition to serving the university community, the preserve is open to the public 365 days of the year for trail hiking and events. Wild Basin also offers volunteer opportunities, environmental education events, and guided school tours. We are excited to extend this treasured educational resource to provide more for the local community via the biannual Artist in Residence Program.

Past Artists in Residence:

Spring 2019 – Bethany Johnson. Johnson is based in Austin and her art explores the intersection between art and science: between the poetic experience of nature and the more objective study thereof. She works mostly in the medium of drawing, intermingling the aesthetic approaches and media associated with landscape art traditions with data-oriented, informational components, such as seismic imaging, geologic surveys, and others. Learn more about Johnson at

Fall 2018 – Jaime McCormick. McCormick’s work highlights the connection between people and the environment primarily using acrylic, gouache, and collage techniques.  Passionate about conservation and preservation, McCormick hopes to create art that connects visitors to Wild Basin and sparks exploration of our natural spaces. Learn more about McCormick at

Fall 2017/Spring 2018- The awardee for the Wild Basin Artist in Residence Program is local artist, Heidi Miller Lowell.  Lowell has over 9 years experience as an art teacher and a keen appreciation for nature from her childhood in Colorado.  Using 3D modeling and watercolors, the artist aims to celebrate the flora and fauna at Wild Basin, bringing attention to the importance of caring for our wild spaces.  Learn more about Lowell at 

Spring 2017- The inaugural awardee for the Wild Basin Artist in Residence Program was local wildlife artist, Andrea Wolf.  Wolf’s work focuses on contemporary portraits of regional wildlife. The artist painted at the preserve weekly and conducting two events open to the public at the Wild Basin Creative Research Center during her time with us. An event geared to an adult audience explored the influence of local wildlife with a painting demonstration. A second event for children focused on incorporating nature in art. Learn more about Wolf at