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Organizational Leadership (Accelerated)

Application Deadline

July 1, 2014

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership at St. Edward’s prepares you to inspire, coach and lead others toward a common strategic vision — whether you work for a small business, a nonprofit agency or a publicly traded corporation.  

All required courses in this major are offered in seven-week accelerated sessions. With two seven-week sessions per semester, you can choose to take more classes each semester and finish your degree faster. You have the flexibility to build your degree plan around your schedule. If you enroll with 60+ transferable credits, you can complete your degree in less than two years.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Organizational leadership goes well beyond conventional management, with strategies that support visionary thinking and inspire workplace innovation. You’ll learn to build a culture of trust and help employees see the benefits of organizational changes, so they can adapt and respond effectively. And you’ll focus on leadership ethics to guide you in making the right decisions for stakeholders of your organization.

As a BA in Organizational Leadership major, you’ll explore workplace dynamics, leadership best practices, and the value of human resources and diversity in an organization. In-depth coursework in leadership, planning, research and communication will equip you to take the lead and solve problems in your organization. You’ll learn strategies to manage organizational change and promote the kind of creative thinking that strengthens competitive advantage.

Candidates for the BA in Organizational Leadership program include students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills and the ability to listen well and relate easily to others.

Graduates of this program are prepared to take on many leadership roles for private, nonprofit and public organizations. They may work as project managers, executive directors for nonprofits, health services managers, public administrators, business consultants and organizational development directors.

Course Preview:

BA in Organizational Leadership majors take courses from these groups:

Students majoring in Organizational Leadership complete required courses that include Diversity in Society, Organizational Research, Leadership Ethics, and Leadership and Group Performance.

All New College programs require general education and mission courses designed to refresh and expand your knowledge and skills in research methods, critical thinking and writing, and oral presentation, among others. 

You’ll conclude your coursework in organizational leadership by functioning as a research consultant for the organization of your choice. You’ll conduct a leadership assessment of the organization, determine a research topic, and design and implement tools such as focus groups and customer surveys — ultimately developing a formal research report.

View the Degree Plan (PDF) for sample course information for the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

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