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Peter Beck, PhD
Program Director, MSEM; Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy

Phone: 512-428-1249

  • PhD in Environmental Policy and Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 2000
  • MA in International Relations at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1992
  • AB in Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College, Los Angeles, California, 1986
Why I Teach

I emphasize practical methods in my teaching. By bringing together theory and practice, students can take ownership of their education. I explore topics that stimulate while providing knowledge and research skills that students can use for their own solutions.

As a teacher, I revel in discovering new interests while learning from my students. Experiencing their passion for exploring new ideas and innovative approaches to addressing our most pressing problems is something I truly value.

  • Associate Professor and Coordinator of Environmental Science and Policy, St. Edward's University
  • Resident Faculty, Center for Wildlife Management, Kenya
  • Consultant, WWF Lake Nakuru Conservation and Development Project, Kenya
  • Research Assistant, The World Bank

Beck’s research interests have involved analyzing incentives for conservation in Africa and Texas to a more recent focus on campus sustainability in the U.S. He has published a variety of papers on environmental management and sustainability topics.

Recent papers and professional presentations include: “Bolting on and building in: Strategies for integrating sustainability into the academic curriculum,” “Does Experiential Student Learning Increase Sustainable Behavior Outside the Classroom?” “Greening the Campus and the Curriculum,” “Landowner Attitudes toward Conservation Easements in the Texas Hill Country” and “Building the Environmental City: Conservation Strategies in Austin Past and Present.”

Professional Affiliations and Awards
  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, Officer
  • Texas Regional Association for Campus Sustainability
  • World Council on Curriculum and Instruction
  • Austin Sierra Club, Executive Committee
  • Richard B. Hughes Outstanding Teaching Award
  • School of Behavior and Social Sciences Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award