Presentation at Texas Annual Conference

Grant W. Simpson presented “Virtual Assessment of Pre-Service Teacher Dispositions” at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education Annual Conference in 2010.

Honored with Leadership Award

Grant W. Simpson was recognized with the Council of Deans of Education Leadership Award from the Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education at the Annual Conference of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education in 2010.

School of Education

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Grant W. Simpson Jr., PhD
Dean, School of Education; Professor of Educational Leadership

Phone: 512-448-8655

  • PhD in Educational Administration at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 1989
  • MA in Special Education at University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1975
  • BS in Biology at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, 1967
Why I Teach

The art of teaching is about gaining the consent of the learner. When students are engaged in meaningful, relevant activities and projects, learning abounds. My primary goal as a teacher is to structure success opportunities for students. I urge them be more concerned about learning than what grade they earn. When students aren’t learning and succeeding, my first question is: “What can I do differently?”

Teaching is my life’s work. It keeps me grounded, whole and close to the pulse of the changing needs of learners. Over my career, I have observed the good teaching of others in more than a thousand classrooms. It never fails to excite me and inspire me to do more.

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