Academic Exploration Program

As you prepare for your college experience, don’t worry if you’re undecided about your major or career goals. At St. Edward’s University, you’ll have ample time to explore your options through our Academic Exploration Program.

The Academic Exploration Program allows you to take part in the program’s first-year seminar that will guide you through the exploration process.

You’ll examine methods for identifying your interests, such as:

  • Reviewing all of the academic majors offered at St. Edward's
  • Evaluating your personality type
  • Determining your career goals
  • Reflecting on your high school performance and your favorite subjects
  • Understanding the requirements for a prospective major
  • Exploring your values and aspirations

You'll also learn about a range of academic and student support services on campus. You can work with faculty mentors and staff members to identify your strengths and passions and match them to a career path. Gain insights from alumni working in fields that interest you. And tap into a wealth of student organizations and co-curricular experiences that can help you better understand your true calling.

With the guidance and resources offered by the Academic Exploration Program, you'll be prepared to pursue the major and career that best suits your values and life’s purpose.