Special Programs

Students Present Research and Artistic Projects

Students hone their presentation and communication skills at the St. Edward’s Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE).

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University Programs

Preparing Open Minds

Explore cultures and appreciate our differences. Find your place in the world. Become a change maker. Be changed along the way. At St. Edward’s University, students look beyond simplistic answers.

University Programs, the shared student academic experience, helps to impart the core values of a Holy Cross education. This team of dedicated faculty challenges eager minds to master the crucial life skills (moral reasoning, critical thinking, collaboration, writing and oral presentation) they’ll need to be successful — regardless of the life path they choose.


Cory (Julia) Lock, PhD Interim Dean, University Programs; Program Director, Capstone Program; Associate Professor Phone: 512-428-1269
Robert Strong, PhD Associate Dean, University Programs Phone: 512-428-1299
Peter Austin, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-448-8611
Catherine McKenzie Bacon Assistant Professor Phone: 512-485-4613
Alexandra Barron, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-464-8878

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Lisa Hernandez, PhD Associate Professor Phone: 512-448-8674
Laura Hernandez-Ehrisman, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-428-1315

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Susan Loughran Professor Phone: 512-448-8490
Jennifer R. Mata, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-428-1280

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Amy Nathan Wright, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-637-1947

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Terry Newton, PhD Professor Phone: 512-448-8574
Todd Onderdonk, PhD Assistant Professor Phone: 512-637-5632

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