Faculty Benefits Summary


St. Edward's is closed for the following holidays: July 4th, Labor Day, SEU Founder's Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), Christmas Eve through New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Day, Good Friday and Memorial Day. Student holidays are reflected in the Academic Calendar.

Sick Leave:

Regular, full-time faculty employees accrue paid sick leave at the rate of one week per semester credited in August and January during their first year of eligible employment. Beginning with second year of regular employment, full-time faculty employees receive one calendar month of sick leave credited at the beginning of the fall semester. Regular, part-time faculty employees accrue paid sick leave on a prorated basis. A total of 6 months of accrued, unused sick leave may be accumulated.

Group Medical Plans:

Medical protection plans are available for regular employees. Spouse and eligible children may also be covered. Coverage is available the first of the month coinciding with or following date of hire.

Life Insurance:

All regular employees are eligible for $20,000 of term life and AD&D insurance.

Supplemental Term Life Insurance:

All regular employees and their eligible dependents may participate in the voluntary Supplemental Term Life Insurance Plan.

Dental Insurance:

The PPO dental insurance plan offers employees the ability to see the dentist of their choice or a network dentist. Two cleanings per year are covered at 100%. Other treatments are covered at either 80% or 50% depending on the type of procedure. Orthodontia benefits are also included for children and adults. Some dental procedures require a deductible and there is a calendar year maximum benefit.  

Vision Plan:

The vision plan offers employees an annual exam through one of the network providers.  Co-pays and allowances are provided for glasses and contact lenses with lenses being provided every year and frames once every other year. Discounts available for Lasik procedures.

FSA Plan:

This tax-savings benefit allows employees to establish up to two accounts — health care flexible spending account and dependent care flexible spending account for eligible expenses.

Long Term Disability Insurance:

This salary continuation plan pays up to 60% of a covered employee's monthly salary after a period of total disability lasting more than 6 months. The university pays the entire premium for all eligible employees (employees appointed for 6 months or longer at half time or greater). Coverage is effective the first day of the month following the employment date for faculty.

Employee Retirement Plan:

Employees who do not enroll in the University Retirement Plan after one year of regular service will be automatically enrolled in the default retirement plan. Employees contribute 5% of their monthly salary and the university contributes 7%. Employees may select a vendor from a list available in Human Resources. Employees wishing to opt out must complete and submit the appropriate paperwork.

Supplemental Retirement Plan:

The Supplemental Retirement Plan options are available from the same vendors approved to market the Retirement Plan. This Plan may be of special interest to employees not yet eligible for the retirement plan or who may wish to contribute more than the 5% permitted under the Retirement Plan.

Worker's Compensation Insurance (WCI):

WCI pays all reasonable costs of medical care resulting from an on-the-job injury. Injuries must be reported to Human Resources immediately.

University Federal Credit Union:

Employees are eligible for University Federal Credit Union membership and may authorize deductions from their paychecks to the Credit Union and/or have their paychecks directly deposited in their account. For information visit www.ufcu.org

Direct Deposit Program:

Employee paychecks may be directly deposited into most area banks, credit unions or savings & loans.

Tuition Remission:

Following the completion of three months of regular employment, a full-time employee may enroll in six (6) tuition-free hours per semester at SEU. The spouse and child(ren) of regular full-time employees may take courses at a 50% reduction in tuition. Effective the first of the semester following the completion of three years of regular, full-time service, the dependent benefit increases to a 100% reduction in tuition. Employees who are enrolled at St. Edward's for more than six credit hours per semester are not eligible for this benefit. Part-time employees are not eligible for tuition remission.

Tuition Exchange:

Tuition Exchange is open to children of full-time regular employees who have at least 3 years continuous service. See www.tuitionexchange.org for more information on Tuition Exchange.

Fitness Facilities:

The Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) provides students, faculty, and staff with first-rate athletic facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, basketball court, and racquetball/handball courts. Call 448-8480 for information about available resources and hours of operation.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

The EAP provides valuable services at no cost to employees and their families in the form of short-term counseling and legal and financial consultations. 


For on-campus employee parking, including the parking garage on Moody Drive, you must purchase an annual tax-free parking permit through payroll deduction. For information, call 448-8444.

Please note that this information is only a brief summary and is not intended as a substitute for more detailed plan documents. Although every effort has been made to insure accuracy, benefits are subject to change at any time with no advance notice. If you wish to obtain additional information on benefits, please contact the Office of Human Resources, 448-8587.