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April 2008

Headlines from the Hilltop

Campus Improvements Continue

A growing enrollment and providing students with up-to-date technology are the motivation behind the ongoing improvements taking place all across the St. Edward's University campus.


Residence Hall Construction Moves Ahead

Construction on the new residence hall complex is well under way. The complex will provide housing for 300 students and will offer a wealth of student services and conveniences, including:

  • Coffee shop
  • Convenience store
  • Dining facility
  • Combined Health and Counseling Center
  • Study areas

Completion is scheduled for Spring 2009 when it will be available as a housing option for students. You can learn more about campus housing and the registration process and can follow construction progress at the St. Edward's University website.


Keeping Students Connected

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in and out of the classroom. Keeping pace with technology advancements on campus enhances students’ learning experience and helps prepare them for using technology in the workplace. Students also have higher expectations for the technology available to them, due in large part to their use of it to stay connected. According to a summer 2007 survey of incoming freshmen, 91% planned to bring their own laptop computer.


Recent technology enhancements include:

  • Adding new computer labs
  • Expanding the campus wireless network
  • Equipping classrooms with “smart boards” that allow faculty to convert teaching notes written on a white board to electronic copies at the touch of a button


Change Is Good

Other changes of note include Fleck Hall renovations, which feature an 8,000-square-foot third floor with glass-walled conference rooms offering breathtaking views of the Austin skyline, and the conversion of Doyle Hall to office space beginning in spring of 2009. See a complete overview of changes now taking place and planned for the future.


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