E-News for Parents: St. Edward’s University

April 2009

Academic Roundup

Preparing Your Student for Success — Now and
After College

“In a down economy, there is no such thing as being too prepared for a successful job search,” says Barbara Henderson, director of the Office of Career Planning at St. Edward’s University. She advises students to start early in their college career to prepare for employment after graduation.

Career Planning helping studentsJumpstart the Job Search

Career Planning staff members can help your student get a head start in today’s tough job market — before and after graduation. Students and alumni can get tips and strategies to help them:

  • Search for and land a job
    or internship
  • Succeed in the interview process
  • Develop an outstanding résumé
  • Transition to graduate school

Career Planning also provides a wealth of career development classes. Biochemistry major Alicia Jones ’09 can attest to their value. Two classes helped her decide on a major, prepare for an internship abroad, apply for post-graduate scholarships and fine tune her résumé and curriculum vitae. “Now that I'm a senior, I’m using Career Planning to search for jobs,” she says.

Online career support for studentsOnline Career Support

Students and alumni also have access to Hilltop Careers, an online resource where they can:

  • Check listings for jobs
    or internships
  • Post a résumé
  • Register for career workshops and graduate study preparation courses
  • Attend professional networking events around Austin
  • Find out about job, internship and graduate school fairs

Networking for Success

Senior Finance major Jaime Villarreal ’09 has tapped into Hilltop Careers’ events to meet recruiters, mix with employers and alumni in Austin, and attend a Graduate School Fair. “Networking is key to finding opportunities in this job market,” he says. “Career Planning makes it easy to network with professionals and alumni from different industries.”

Each year, Career Planning assists over 2,400 students and alumni. Encourage your student to take advantage of this free resource from St. Edward’s. It’s never too early to prepare for success.