E-News for Parents: St. Edward’s University

April 2009

Academic Roundup

International Moreau Scholar
Is First for St. Edward’s

Luiz Henrique Trillo ’11Luiz Henrique Trillo '11 is a long way from Campinas, Brazil, a city of one million in the centrally located state of São Paulo where he grew up.

International students are hardly new at St. Edward’s University. But Trillo is unique. He’s the first ever to win the prestigious Moreau Scholarship, awarded to top-ranked Holy Cross high school graduates. And he’s the first student from St. Edward’s to apply to the university’s flagship study abroad program in Angers, France.

Global Education in Action

It’s all part of the university’s Global Understanding Initiative — a combination of specialized programs and study abroad opportunities designed to give students a global perspective.

As a student at Colégio Notre Dame in Campinas, Trillo had no plans of international study. But his Moreau Scholarship provided an unexpected opportunity of a lifetime to enhance his education and prospects for
the future.

"It’s exciting to get out of my comfort zone," says Trillo, a Business major. "You go back home and you feel proud that you did it. You know more people. You know more places. You have great stories to tell."

New Home Away from Home

Trillo says his initial fear about leaving his family and lifelong friends was quickly tempered at St. Edward’s by the kindness of his classmates, the personal attention of dedicated instructors and the beauty of the historic campus. Now a sophomore, he thinks of St. Edward’s as his second home. He and his friends can frequently be found unwinding on the soccer field or tennis courts.

This fall, Trillo leaves for France to continue his global education. “I think to have a global view of the world, it’s good to learn as many cultures and languages as possible,” he says.

Trillo is experiencing firsthand the power of an international education. It’s available to all students at St. Edward’s, where preparation for the future means journeying beyond borders.