E-News for Parents: St. Edward’s University

December 2009

Headlines from the Hilltop

Eating Well on the Hilltop

Bon Appétit, the food service provider for St. Edward’s, not only offers delicious and convenient food, they also practice social responsibility, aligning with the university’s commitment to sustainability. And Bon Appétit helps parents take care of loved ones by delivering special snacks and desserts to students.

Preparing foodGoing Green Tastes Great

Because more students care about their environmental impact and health, including where food comes from and how it grows, Bon Appétit features menu icons in the dining halls to show when food is local, low fat, organic, vegetarian, etc.

“When the university was searching for a new food service provider, the students, faculty and staff involved in the decision-making process felt Bon Appétit’s values and programs were the best match,” says Mike Stone, director of Auxiliary Services at St. Edward’s. “Their kitchen principles, corporate emphasis on sustainability and environmental impact resonated with everyone.”

The company also buys from small local producers whenever possible. “We do not take our social responsibilities lightly,” says Michael Smith, Bon Appétit’s general manager at St. Edward’s. “Food grown and sold locally is typically more flavorful and important to our community’s well-being.”

Savory and sweet treatsTreats from Home

If you’re thinking of sending a care package to your student, Bon Appétit can help. They provide a wide variety of deliverable savory and sweet treats to cheer up any student.

“As we received calls from parents looking for ways to let their students know they are missed, we saw an opportunity to provide a ‘Treats from Home’ service,” says Smith. “Cakes, cupcakes and ice cream have been a big hit with parents — and students.”

Check out Bon Appétit’s selection of Treats from Home (PDF). Ready to order a treat for your student? Call 512-428-1077 or use this handy order form (PDF).