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December 2011

Globally Linked Classrooms

Classrooms at St. Edward’s are bridging the Atlantic ocean and a seven-hour time difference — thanks to LifeSize® technology, some help from the university's Instructional Technology Office, and a professor and students who embrace change.

Professor Pauline Albert conducts class with students in Angers, France, (left) and Austin, Texas, (right) via Lifesize© technology.

Two Countries, One Class

In Fall 2011, Assistant Professor of Management Pauline Albert helmed the university’s first classes taught simultaneously in Austin, Texas, and at the St. Edward’s campus in Angers, France. Students are experiencing a transatlantic education in two classes: International Business Administration, and European Leaders: Casting Light and Shadow.

Though Albert is in Angers, students in Austin join the conversation over live video conferencing. An extra-large screen displays each classroom in real time.

When students present, their PowerPoint slides also appear on this screen, visible to both classes. And guest speakers — whether business experts in Angers or historians in Austin — lead discussions and take questions from both groups of students.

“The advanced technology helps us refine our communication skills. We have to reach out to classmates in another country and take the initiative to work on group projects despite the distance,” says Kara Jordan ’12, who is studying in Angers.

Global Preparation

“These classes give students more responsibility — not just to show up but to participate with people who are thousands of miles away. That’s increasingly important in a global world, and this is the direction education must take,” Albert says.

Students in Austin interact with their professor and classmates in Angers.

“I believe this class is the beginning of the future of education, and I predict I’ll communicate in this way more than I can imagine,” says Irene (Irini) Adamopoulos ’12, who is studying in Austin.

This semester, students from Europe, Africa and North America brought their richly diverse backgrounds and perspectives to Albert’s classes. Many have studied abroad. Providing a forum for them to learn from each other supports the university’s vision to prepare students for the interconnected world of the 21st century.

“I think St. Edward’s is ahead of the curve,” Albert adds, “and I think our students are going to be better equipped than students who haven’t had this kind of opportunity.”

St. Edward’s is committed to helping students broaden their global awareness and experiences.
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