Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Your on-campus living experience at St. Edward’s significantly contributes to your educational and personal growth. Our students join Living Learning Communities (LLCs), where collaboration and learning extend beyond the classroom.

Learn. Explore. Excel in an LLC.

In a Living Learning Community, you’ll connect with a diverse group of students who share a common focus. They’ll become your friends, your neighbors and your classmates. You’ll live on the same floor of a residence hall, take courses together and participate in discussions, special events and service projects as a group. As a result, ideas multiply. Conversations deepen. And learning jumps to a higher level.

After you’re accepted to St. Edward’s and submit your enrollment deposit, you may apply to an LLC. You’ll apply during housing sign-up, which begins Feb. 1. Space in each LLC is limited, so be sure to submit your application by April 8, the priority deadline. The final deadline to apply is May 2.

Choose an LLC that matches your interests:
Community Hall Examples of Courses Instructors Have Included Service Hours Events
Active Living Teresa Hall Active Life Andy Lemons 5–10 hours per semester Monthly dinners, fun runs, races, kayaking and other exercise-related activities
Business Basil Moreau Hall Business and Professional Speaking
Principles of Management
Catherine MacDermott
Keith Ward
12 hours per semester Monthly dinners and workshops; participation in at least one student organization
Film and Fiction Hunt Hall Global Film and Literature Alex Barron and Chris Flynn 5–10 hours per semester Film screenings, dinners and workshops
Global Understanding Teresa Hall Global Issues
Global Understanding Seminar
John Cotter 15 hours per semester Monthly dinners and workshops
Honors (by invitation) Dujarié Hall Printed Page and Silver Screen Barbara Filippidis 10–15 hours per semester Monthly dinners and workshops
Leadership Basil Moreau Hall Not Applicable Not Applicable 10–15 hours per semester Monthly dinners, speaker series, participation in Leader Shape, group service events
Natural Sciences Le Mans Hall First Year Seminar
Current Science Issues
Richard Kopec 10 hours per semester FARM Week; monthly community dinners/activities
Social Justice Dujarié Hall Justice, Peace and Liberation Steve Rodenborn 20 hours per semester Monthly dinners and workshops
Faith and Service (upperclassmen only) Johnson Hall Christian Mysticism Jenny Veninga 20 hours per semester Weekly community dinners
Modern Languages (upperclassmen only) Johnson Hall French or Spanish course, by level Varied 5 hours per semester Monthly dinners/cultural activities

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