Marisa Peterson

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Serves: Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Texas (East Texas, Fort Worth, San Antonio)

1. Describe your idea of a perfect day in Austin.
My perfect day in Austin would start with breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million and a training session at Sky Candy (a local circus and aerial arts studio). I would follow that with a swim in Barton Springs, then dinner on a patio (maybe Perla’s if it’s a special occasion, or Gourmand’s if it’s more casual) with friends.

2. What’s your favorite restaurant near campus?
I'm addicted to the rice bowls at Whip In.

3. What do students at St. Edward’s say is the most memorable, must-do college experience?
I've never heard a student say they regret studying abroad. I have heard many, many people (myself included!) say they wish they had studied abroad when they had the chance.