Expert Resource Guide

St. Edward's University faculty and staff members are great resources for media seeking experts to appear in print, radio, television or online interviews. Our experts are available to provide assistance to media in their areas of expertise. Please see below for a sampling of expert resources. For questions on these subjects and for inquiries into more subject matter experts, please call our communications staff at 512-428-1225. 

Academic Affairs

Mary K. Boyd 

Biology and Entymology 

John Abbott

Education Technology

Rebecca Davis 


David Altounian 

Foreign Relations

Sharyl Cross

Natural Sciences

Patricia Baynham

Political Science

Brian Smith


Russell Frohardt 

Psychology, Mental Health

Tomas Yufik 


Father Lou Brusatti


Father Peter Walsh

Social Justice

Mity Myhr

Social Media and Communication

Corinne Weisgerber