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August 7, 2000

St. Edward's University to offer distinctive Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Ethics program this spring

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Ethics is designed to respond to the leadership development needs of the business community, both profit and non-profit. In order to meet those needs, the MSOLE program promotes leadership as a process that inspires cooperation among people, promotes critical thought and ethical action, inspires productivity within and beyond the organization, and works toward progress for the individual and the organization.

Integral components of the program's curriculum include ethical behavior, creativity, communications, cultural awareness, and risk assumption. With this foundation, developers of the program are confident that students will develop a strong ethical foundation that will allow them to be successful leaders. "Most organizations seek leaders who are ethical and responsible in their work environment," said Marsha Kelliher, dean of graduate studies. "We are preparing our students to be the next generation of leaders. They will possess more than business and communication skills. They will have the ability to lead individuals and groups to work towards a common goal that is consistent with their organizations' missions and values." The new program will provide the means for students to discover and refine the abilities necessary for effective ethical and moral organizational leadership. Students will develop a sense of vision grounded in sound moral principles, the ability to persuade, and the ability to direct action through exploring topics such as "Leadership and Team Development," "Global Leadership Perspectives," and "Foundation of Ethics."

The 36-hour degree program was designed to be taken part time during the evening. Students will begin their graduate program by taking a variety of leadership and ethics courses. In addition, students must complete two research courses: Leadership in Action/Research, which gives students the option of working with an organization or creating a research project based on leadership in today's organizations, or Leadership Capstone, which challenges students to write a professional paper based on their research project.

Other graduate degrees offered at St. Edward's University include Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Human Services and Master of Liberal Arts.

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