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December 1, 2006

TG Public Benefit Grant Program Awards St. Edward's University $81,135 Grant

TG Interns for Success is a program of paid internships targeting sophomore through senior level students who are financial-aid eligible and underrepresented in graduate education. Preference will be given to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

“This program gives students an opportunity to have internships, and broaden and enhance their experience at St. Edward’s,” said Marianne Hopper, dean of University Programs. “And, it’s a good opportunity for those who want to go on to graduate school.”

Fifteen students will serve as study group facilitators (open to juniors and seniors from all majors) with the American Experience courses, a freshman studies course. These students will work as teaching assistants helping freshman and gaining experience working with faculty members.

The other 15 students will serve as undergraduate research interns (open to sophomore, juniors and seniors from all majors) in all areas of the university. These students will work with faculty to conduct research, which is an important factor in the decision to pursue graduate studies and acceptance into graduate school.

TG Interns for Success has three primary objectives:

  • To expand experiential learning opportunities proven to promote undergraduate success and retention
  • To provide resume-building internships plus supplementary support services to help undergraduates prepare for graduate/professional studies and make their applications more competitive
  • To provide stipends for these internships to eliminate the financial concerns that might keep students from low to moderate income families from participating

The grant will also fund career development activities that will support students in preparing for graduate and professional school. TG, based in Round Rock, is a public, nonprofit corporation that helps administer the Federal Family Education Loan Program.

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