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November 1, 2008

St. Edward's University Announces Establishment of American University Programs in France New Programs Launch in 2009

Texas-based St. Edward’s University announces the establishment of American university programs in France. St. Edward's will open its doors to U.S. and European students for the fall 2009 semester at Universit√© Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) in Angers and Institut Bois-Robert in Becon-les-Granits. Programs to launch in 2009 will include:

  • St. Edward's University First Year in France: A program in partnership with Institut Bois-Robert and Universit√© Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)
  • Innovative Professional Education and Partnership with Apple
  •  Study Abroad

St. Edward's University First Year in France

By teaming up with UCO and Institut Bois-Robert (an international secondary boarding school), St. Edward’s has developed a new educational program for students who want to earn a degree from an American university. This program enables French and European students to earn credit from an American university (St. Edward's) during their first year.

St. Edward's First Year in France is different from traditional university prep programs in France. This program allows students to earn credit during their first year, while studying at Institut Bois-Robert, and preparing for the transition to an American university.    

Innovative Professional Education and Partnership with Apple

St. Edward’s is the only American university in France to receive designation as an Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCe). AATCe designated schools deliver Apple’s proprietary courses to their own students and faculty through Apple certified trainers who meet Apple’s quality standards.

St. Edward's AATCe designation in France allows the university to provide instruction with Apple's curriculum and to provide students with Apple certification after successful completion of courses on Apple software.

English At Work Language Program

The St. Edward’s “English At Work” language program will be the first of its kind for Mac users. The program was developed via the use of new, all-digital software created by
Kallysta - France. (

St. Edward's is the first university to officially use this software and is working directly with Apple and Kallylang to develop curriculum and a high-tech language laboratory. Learning techniques will utilize audio and video files that will allow students to record sound clips at their computers. 

Joint Graduate Degrees

Together with UCO, St. Edward's is working to create joint graduate degrees in management, and environmental management and sustainable development as early as fall 2010.

A Strategic Presence

After studying the possibilities offered by various countries, St. Edward's, chose France and the Maine-et-Loire area in particular. St. Edward's was attracted by the Maine-et-Loire’s 33,000 students, its fast-expanding high-tech industries, its rapid transport links with Paris and its local partnerships.   

In recognition of this initiative, the 2008 World Investment Conference in La Baule honored
St. Edward’s with the Best Investment in Europe Award, one of only three awards that recognize foreign companies and non-profits for their investments in Europe.

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