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November 14, 2008

St. Edward's University Launches "Individuality" Campaign

Individuality Campaign Ad: What is the genius but the power of expressing a new individuality?

After a year of planning, the advertising campaign for St. Edward’s University is moving in an exciting direction. The new campaign, titled “Individuality,” emphasizes critical thought and personal exploration. It celebrates the extraordinary journey on which students embark at St. Edward’s. “Individuality” builds on the successful six-year run of the popular “Learn to think®” advertising campaign. The ads present powerful quotes and narrative encouraging individual expression and a commitment to achieving one’s dreams.

Learning tailored to the individual is a cornerstone of the St. Edward’s experience, and a fitting focus for the university’s new image campaign. Just be assured that, in the Holy Cross tradition, the brand of individuality espoused at St. Edward’s never confuses selfhood with selfishness.

To help get the message out, St. Edward’s selected Austin-based LatinWorks, a national marketing and advertising agency. While the company doesn’t count higher education among its regular clients, LatinWorks jumped at the chance to help refine the university’s image.

To bring the new campaign concept to life, LatinWorks used local production and acting talent to shoot three television commercials and photos for print ads. The print and broadcast ads share the common thread of powerful visuals linked to thought-provoking quotations from famous individuals throughout history.

Goethe didn’t have MTV screaming at him to be an individual. Elizabeth Barrett Browning didn’t have a web community to help her discover herself. Lao Tsu never visited the self-help section of a bookstore. These famous people found their individuality the old-fashioned way: through learning.

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