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November 17, 2008

Among Texas Colleges, St. Edward's University Reveals: 6 Reasons Why Private College Is Still Affordable

St. Edward's University, considered to be one of the best values among Texas colleges, offers nervous high school seniors 6 Reasons Why Private College is Still Affordable.

  1. Don’t get stuck on sticker price. Finding a college's real value first requires that you apply, gain acceptance and compare aid packages. Only then can you fully evaluate public vs. private.
  2. Use a Financial Aid Calculator. Among Texas colleges, St. Edward's University was one of the first to provide a simple online financial aid calculator—able to translate five pieces of student/family data into a reliable measure of estimated scholarship, financial aid and tuition cost.
  3. Compare aid packages. allows you to compare up to three aid packages. Your parents may be so impressed by all of the financial aid homework you’ve done, they might reward you with the keys to the second car.
  4. Plan to finish in four years. Many students greatly improve their chances of finishing in four years, sometimes less, with the extra personal attention and learning support found at a private college. An extra year or semester of tuition and living costs can really tip the scales. Show your parents a four-year plan that will spare everyone thousands in unnecessary debt.
  5. Live on the cheap. Some towns are better known for supporting a high quality of life on a modest student budget. Austin already tops many fun cities lists and ranks high on Sperling’s list of affordable college towns (
  6. Apply for federal aid. A 2006 American Council of Education study reported that 1.5 million undergraduates who didn't submit a FAFSA were eligible for Pell Grants. Grants and scholarships are the ultimate financial aid—free money with nothing to pay back.

Bonus Tip:
Apply early. Why? First, St. Edward's give early applicants a big incentive—we’ll waive the application fee if you apply by December 15. Second, colleges award funds on a first-come, first-served basis. St. Edward’s guarantees merit scholarship awards for applications received by February 1.

St. Edwards’s University Financial Aid Calculator

How it works: Students enter high school rank, SAT/ACT score, family size, number attending college and household income. The financial aid calculator estimates merit- and need-based scholarships and grants, as well as tuition cost.
Consider a student applying to several Texas colleges with this profile:

High School Rank: Top 20%
SAT Score: 1200 - 1290
Number in Family: 4
Number in College 1
Parents' Income: $84,000

Such a student could expect to receive about $13,230 in merit- and need-based aid from St. Edwards University, leaving an annual tuition cost for 2009–2010 of just over $10,000.

Did you know?
Among 39 private Texas colleges, only two, including St. Edward’s University, made a New York Times list of ethnically and economically diverse colleges. The New York Times list includes 57 private schools and 81 public schools across the nation.

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