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November 28, 2008

Individuality Takes Shape in the St. Edward's University Magazine

Individuality Campaign Ad: What is the genius but the power of expressing a new individuality?

Inspired by the university's new image campaign, the Winter 2008 issue of St. Edward's University Magazine takes a look at individuality as it applies to students, faculty members and the campus itself.

The St. Edward's University magazine is distributed three times a year — spring, summer and winter — to alumni, students, faculty and staff members, and friends of the university. Each issue includes the latest alumni news, campus happenings, new faces on campus, student and faculty member achievements along with feature stories centered around a common theme.

This issue's theme, Individuality, ties seamlessly into the university's Holy Cross mission of educating hearts and minds. It also builds on the now-iconic "Learn to think®" slogan. The magazine also highlights the university's new campaign which stresses that people, as individuals, are the authors of their own lives, the outcomes of which depend on the choices they make.

This issue's feature stories include:

  • The making of the university's new image campaign — page 14
  • What it means to be a Catholic university today and how Campus Ministry at St.
  • Edward's serves students of all faiths — page 18
  • How blogging and other online endeavors affect students' individuality — page 25

Pick up your copy on campus today, or download the digital version.

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