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May 17, 2011

New College Offers New Major: Organizational Leadership

I have some exciting news! The St. Edward’s University New College program is announcing a new major — Organizational Leadership — beginning this fall. As the coordinator of this new major, I am knee-deep in collaborating to develop courses and design learning activities. Bringing a new major to students is always an exciting effort.

This degree focuses on developing leaders who are critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and ethical, proficient problem-solvers. We want our graduates to feel confident in a variety of leadership positions. This major will help students prepare for living and working in a diverse, global world.

Students will be able to complete this major through our Saturday-only blended model, with courses meeting every other Saturday during a 14-week semester. An online component occurs during the weeks of the off-Saturdays. This is a great opportunity for busy adults who have difficulty making it to the weekday evening classes already offered through New College.

What can graduates do with a degree in Organizational Leadership? Graduates of our program can look forward to working in a range of organizational environments such as Organizational Development, Project Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Public Administration, Strategic Management, Health Care Administration, Change Management, and Human Resources.

The courses offered in the Organizational Leadership major include:

  • Foundations of Organizational Communication and Leadership
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Innovation, Communication, and Organizational Change
  • Group Dynamics
  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Diversity in Society
  • Leadership Theory and Group Performance
  • Communication, Leadership, and Technology
  • Budgeting for Public and Nonprofits
  • Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofits
  • Global Issues
  • Organizational Research

Want to learn more about the Organizational Leadership degree? Request more information.  You can also contact New College Admission at 512-448-8717 to speak with one of our admission coordinators.

-Dr. Sue Currey is a St. Edward’s professor and coordinator of the Organizational Leadership major.