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October 27, 2011

St. Edward's University Announces Six New International Partners Opening the Doors for Global Experiences

With six new partner universities in four countries, St. Edward’s is picking up the pace in providing opportunities for international and multicultural experiences both on our Austin campus and around the world.

These new partnerships provide important global experiences for St. Edward’s students abroad, but they also help internationalize the student body by bringing more students from other countries to the St. Edward’s campus in Austin.

Enrollment for these new international exchange programs is available for Fall 2012.:

Korea: Catholic University of Korea in Seoul
Catholic University of Korea (CUK) is comprised of three campuses, each with a different academic focus, including theology, humanities and arts, social sciences, international studies, natural sciences, engineering and medicine.  CUK provides dual language instruction and offers scholarships for American students to teach English as a teacher’s aide.

About Seoul
Seoul is located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the East Sea and Yellow Sea. It is the capital and the largest metropolis in South Korea with more than 10 million people.  In 2008, Seoul was ranked sixth by Forbes among the world’s most economically powerful cities. It is home to international companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia.

Spain: Universidad Pontificial Comillas in Madrid

Universidad Pontificial Comillas (ICAI) is a Jesuit university ranked among Spain’s best law, industrial engineering  and social work schools. ICAI is best known for its creation of courses that combine corporate law and administration studies, as well as for its School of Engineering. Review the list of course offerings at ICAI, which include Business Administration and Management, Law, Human and Social Sciences and International Relations.

About Madrid
Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin. Madrid is also the most visited city in Spain and was recently voted as the 10th most livable city in the world, partly because of its reputation as an environmentally friendly city. 

Spain: Universitat  Jaume I in Castello 
Universitat Jaume I (UJI) offers 28 degree programs through the schools of Technology and Experimental Studies, Humanities and Social Studies, and Law and Economics. UJI is known as a pioneer in the use of new technologies, and it strives to be a driving force behind the socioeconomic and cultural development of the society around it. Learn more about UJI as a possible fit for your international experience.

About Castello de la Plana 
Castello de la Plana is located on the east of the Iberian Peninsula, between the Desert de les Palmes mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Gothic, Baroque and Moorish architecture surround the city with castles, basilicas and plazas. Castello de la Plana is situated in the region of Valencia where the native dialect is Catalan. Valencia is known as the birthplace of paella (a popular rice dish), but it is also home to some of Spain’s busiest beaches.

Chile: Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Vina del Mar
According to America Economia Magazine, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (UAI) is ranked number one among business administration programs in Latin America. UAI is best known for its MBA program, but it also offers courses in law, art history, literature, psychology, and government. Read more facts and figures about UAI.

About Vina del Mar
UAI has five different campuses in Chile. This exchange opportunity is located in a residential area of Vina del Mar, boasting a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Vina del Mar is located in central Chile, close to Chile’s capital Santiago, and adjacent to Valparaiso, and is considered a popular beach resort. The city is also well-known for its “Festival de Vina,” an annual international music festival every February.

Chile: Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Valparaiso
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (USM) is best known for its prestige and leadership in engineering, science and technology.  This exchange opportunity is located at the campus in Valparaiso, but the university has four campuses in Chile and one in Ecuador. Academic departments include  architecture, aeronautical sciences, electrical engineering, physics, and civil, chemical and environmental engineering options.

About Valparaiso
Valparaiso is located in central Chile, northwest of the capital, Santiago. It is one of Chile’s most important seaports and the city is capital of the Valparaiso Region.  Valparaiso’s climate, Pacific coastline, urban architecture and historic system of cable cars have earned it many comparisons to San Francisco. See more of Valparaiso’s Pacific coastline with this 360 view of the area surrounding the USM campus.

Japan: Asia Pacific University in Beppu
Asia Pacific University (APU) is a multi-cultural campus with students from approximately 98 different countries. APU offers dual language instruction, with most classes offered in Japanese and English, as well as language instruction for non-Japanese speakers. Course offerings focus on Asia Pacific studies and business, making a study abroad experience at APU especially well-suited for students majoring in business, behavioral and social sciences, and global studies. Read more about APU’s specific areas of study or watch a video on why APU might be right for you.

About Beppu
Like many other Japanese cities, Beppu is located between the sea and the mountains, providing beautiful scenery. Beppu is famous for its hot springs and has the second largest volume of hot water in the world after Yellowstone National Park. It is important to note that Beppu is not located near the areas of Japan affected by the earthquake in March 2011.

St. Edward’s University also offers exchange programs with our other partner universities, including:

For more information on which global experience is best for you, contact the Office of International Education at 512-428-1051.