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December 20, 2011

St. Edward's Students Cover Austin Entertainment in Journalism Class

This fall, nine students enrolled in Entertainment Journalism at St. Edward’s University and began giving their perspective on everything from Austin happenings and artisan foods to technology philosophy through blogging.

Taught by Michael Barnes, former entertainment editor for the Austin American-Statesman, the Entertainment Journalism class is a writing and discussion-based course on blogging, criticism, short- and long-form feature writing and celebrity journalism.

Barnes has a doctorate in theater history and criticism, and is on the Austin social scene every day reporting for Out & About and other larger stories about how Austinites live. He attends dozens of events each week and brings his expertise and real-life experiences to the classroom. He teaches entertainment journalism every fall semester at St. Edward’s. Enjoy nine student blogs from his class:

Lucas Ayoub ’12, a Communication major, has Lukebox, a blog devoted to the world of entertainment, mostly for Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World.

Rebecca Butler ’12, an English Writing and Rhetoric major, has Rebecca Redd, a blog focused on Austin entertainment, but also discusses music, movies and fashion from around the world.

John Langston ’12, a Communication major, has TexasTechno, a blog focused on tech philosophy and all things digital.

Ian Peoples ’13, a Communication major, has Keeping it Easy, a blog about keeping things simple.

Margaret Perkins ’14, enrolled in the Humanities Academic Exploration program, has Maggie’s Farm, a blog about producing artisan food using organic ingredients. 

Steven Rodriguez ’13, a Communication major, has StevenJosh, a blog about popular culture.

Landry Taylor ’13, a Communication major, has Ginger Soup, a blog about the happenings of the entertainment world and the city of Austin.

Annar Veröld ’13, an English Writing and Rhetoric major, has The Red Lipstick Brigade, a blog about entertainment journalism through the eyes of Annar Veröld.

Andrew Weber ’12, an English Writing and Rhetoric major, has SOCODIFFERENT, a blog about everything entertainment.