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January 13, 2012

MLK Biography by Brother Muller at St. Edward's Discusses Nonviolence

More than 40 years ago, Brother Gerald Muller, CSC, a faculty member at St. Edward's University, wrote a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with a history of the civil rights movement in the United States. He interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s parents in their home to get the facts and learn more about his religious background. From that interview, Brother Muller wrote the biography, Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Leader.

“The night Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was martyred I made a vow that I would write his biography,” Brother Muller said.

Muller arrived in New Orleans in 1955 — the very year Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the front of a segregated bus. “I witnessed the indignities visited upon my fellow Americans denied their rights to vote, to eat in restaurants, to stay in white-only hotels and to drink from white-only water fountains,” Brother Muller said.

“When I was given the opportunity to speak out against such injustices, I used the written word to tell the story of Dr. King and his nonviolent struggle for his people.”

Brother Muller’s book is not only a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but a brief history of the entire civil rights movement, which proved nonviolence against oppression gets results by promoting truth, justice and righteousness.

“Dr. King can never be honored enough for the sacrifices he made, giving up his own life, to bring liberty to all Americans,” Brother Muller said.

"He practiced what he lived — nonviolence," Brother Muller said about Martin Luther King Jr. "Love your neighbor. Compromise. Be rational. Pray. He was a man of prayer. He spent hours praying over what he would talk about in his sermons. We need God. Faith's lost. Get it back!"

Brother Muller, 85, is also a member of Brother Muller and His Brothers, a band consisting of five undergraduate students at St. Edward's and Brother Muller as the keyboard player.

Brother Muller and His Brothers will walk alongside other St. Edward's University students and Austin community members in the Martin Luther King Jr., March on Monday, Jan. 16. The band will pass out 1,200 cards with information about Brother Gerald Muller's book, Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Leader, to others at the event. As they march, Brother Muller and His Brothers will play their music on boom boxes.

Tune in from 4 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 16, to KEYE, the CBS affiliate in Austin also known as We Are Austin. Brother Muller will discuss his book, the band's participation in the MLK March, and Brother Muller and His Brothers will play.

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