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March 12, 2012

St. Edward's University Provides Tech Savvy Talent at SXSW

South by Southwest, an annual music, film and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, has begun and St. Edward’s University students, faculty and staff members are getting involved. They’re doing everything from volunteering to giving lectures to promoting the university’s graduate programs at the trade show.

Interactive Internships
This year, seven undergraduate students have internships at SXSW. Through Career Services, SXSW visited campus twice this academic year. In December, they held an information session to discuss internship opportunities. And, they also attended the Internship Fair where students were able to interact with the representatives and exchange information. The seven students currently interning at SXSW are: Camille Dehne ’12, English Writing and Rhetoric, Brianna Kindell ’13, Graphic Design, Jacob Mooney ’13, Communication, Ben Edaburn ’13, Digital Media Management, Kelly McCarthy ’13, Criminal Justice, Magz Baillio ’13, Theater Arts, Andrew Willard ’12, Global Studies.

Alex Simons ’12, who is double majoring in Digital Media Management and Marketing, and minoring in Photocommunications, interned at SXSW last year. Learn more about her experience at SXSW.

MBA in Digital Media Management Students Dive in with Platinum Pass
There are 43 students pursuing an MBA in Digital Media Management who are also participating in SXSW as part of the Immersion Program. These students all received Platinum Passes to SXSW which gives them the opportunity to experience the world of digital media management first hand. They will get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the world’s leading business managers and creative talent in the digital media business.

Forward Thinking Faculty
On March 6, Corinne Weisgerber, associate professor of Communication, and Shannan Butler, associate professor of Communication, were part of SXSWedu and presented on “Re-envisioning Pedagogy: Educators as Curators.” Their presentation focused on the idea that the role of a teacher should be re-envisioned as that of a curator of ideas. Weisgerber and Butler emphasized that the ultimate goal should be to arouse students’ intellectual curiosity by modeling how to discover, acquire and critically evaluate information. In essence, it’s about teaching students to become curators themselves.

Quinn Warnick, assistant professor of English Writing and Rhetoric, will be on a SXSW panel discussing “Greek to Geek: Classical Rhetoric and the Modern Web” on Monday, March 12. This talk will help make sense of contemporary problems in online communication. The panel will also look into the past and talk about the framework orators of Ancient Greece and Rome established. Warnick teaches classes in information design, technical and business communication, and writing for the web at St. Edward’s. His research focuses on identity, reputation and credibility in online communities — three concepts that all hearken back to the Greek notion of "ethos."

Alumnus Discusses Tech Advances
Isaac Chapa, MSCIS ’08,
VP of Information Systems and Operations at CSID, will speak at a SXSW panel entitled “My Voice is My Passport. Verify Me.” This panel will discuss recent advancements in voice biometrics, the current strengths and limitations of the technology and how businesses, government organizations and others are implementing the technology to protect customer identities, financial transactions and more.

Staff Showcase St. Edward's Programs at SXSW
The Center for Academic Progress will be promoting the university’s academic programs at the SXSW trade show.

Food for a Cause
Bon Appetit, who provides food services on campus, will cater the Children's Cancer Association MyMusicRX at SXSW on March 16.