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April 13, 2012

St. Edward's University Incorporates Google+ Hangouts into Earth Week Programming

St. Edward’s University is gearing up for Earth Week, April 14–20. During Earth Week, the university will incorporate Google+ Hangouts into three events. The Hangouts will help create a dialogue around these events and extend the conversation about why sustainability and Earth Day are important to St. Edward’s. Hangouts are free video chats for up to 10 people, anytime, anywhere on Google+.

Google invited St. Edward’s University to participate in a special Google Green Team project focusing on environmental and sustainability issues. In celebration of Earth Day, Google is coordinating a speaker series which will feature a variety of speakers from various backgrounds and industries. The university wants students to be able to connect with thought leaders in the global community.

St. Edward’s will utilize Google+ Hangouts to create a collaborative environment where a large audience can easily join in the conversation about our plans for Earth Week and current environmental initiatives carried out on campus.

How Will the Hangouts Work?
Multiple laptops with webcams will be available at each of the events listed below. Each Hangout can have up to 10 participants involved.

Google+ Hangouts during Earth Week at St. Edward’s

April 17: Movie & Discussion: Wall-E
7–9 p.m., Hunt Hall Fourth Floor Game Room
Make posters promoting Earth Week while watching the animated movie. Discussion to follow.

April 19: Bon Appetit’s Low-Carbon Diet Day
11 a.m.–2 p.m., South Congress Market
Learn about low-impact eating through Bon Appetit’s five tips. Try new, delicious items that are climate-friendly.

April 19: Invasive Species Presentation
3:30–5 p.m., Maloney Room
Find out how invasive species have infiltrated Austin’s wildlands and what Wild Basin and its community are doing to change it.

St. Edward’s will be a key contributor to help build, engage and captivate the nation’s environmentally conscious community through Google+ Hangout. St. Edward's recognizes its role in educating the university community about the importance of both individual and institutional environmental responsibility. The university also recognizes its responsibility in implementing initiatives towards making a more sustainable and greener campus.

Interested in joining one of the Google+ Hangouts? All you need is a Gmail account to create a Google+ profile and a laptop with a webcam. Find out how to join a Hangout. Connect with St. Edward's on Goolge+. Add the university to your circle.

Also, if you know any tech-savvy students who want to participate in some of these Hangouts, please contact Marcie Lasseigne in the Marketing Office.