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July 2, 2013

Destination: Everywhere

Since 2003, more than 1,100 students from the School of Management and Business have joined global business and social justice trips that tap their business skills abroad. Here’s a sampling of their contributions:

3M Corp., China: Created a business plan for expanding 3M’s presence in China.

U.S. Steel, Slovakia: Designed a “road show” presentation to help U.S. Steel attract foreign investors to eastern Slovakia.

Punta Leona Hotel and Club, Costa Rica: Proposed conservation programs for this resort located in the Costa Rican rain forest; designed a butterfly farm, children’s cultural center and hydroponic gardening models and became a blueprint for local community gardens.

Adobe and Oracle Corp., Central Europe: Developed customer service and communication strategies to enhance business performance for these two industry leaders.

International Tile Center, Spain (at Universitat Jaumel, a St. Edward’s partner university): Prepared a business plan for tile companies on the Mediterranean coast to compete in the U.S. marketplace.

Natal Institute, Mexico: Wrote a comprehensive plan to launch the Natal Institute for Social Leadership Education, an umbrella organization that guides other nonprofits in western Mexico. NISLE is the brainchild of Alejandro Natal, a Fulbright Scholar who taught at St. Edward’s in Fall 2008.

Indusoft, Germany: Devised a plan to expand German market share for this web-based control systems company that helps organizations remotely manage their industrial devices and machinery.

Kralupy Rugby League, Czech Republic: Developed strategies to break the cycle of poverty and help children of a disadvantaged minority group, known as romas, integrate into the larger community via a friendly rugby league.

Mata Rocks Resort, Belize: Delivered a marketing and human resources package for this boutique resort; enhanced amenities and operations efficiency.

Casa Luz, Costa Rica: Sent a team of 115 students and faculty to improve all aspects of this home for impoverished teen mothers and their children. Created a business plan, improved the website and developed fundraising strategies; held clothing and toy drives; enhanced a fledgling jewelry-making business; and built a playground, vegetable garden and technology-rich learning center for the mothers.