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July 12, 2013

Science Students Study Abroad, See Medical Milestones Up Close and In Person

Visiting the small upstairs laboratory where penicillin was first discovered, re-enacting limb amputations without anesthesia in a restored 19th-century operating room and standing at the pump where Londoners learned that cholera spread from the water supply are just a few examples of the firsthand experiences for students taking a History and Philosophy of Science class during the spring 2013 semester.

On the morning of May 15, 2013, 18 students studying Biology, Biochemistry or Bioinformatics arrived in London with Dr. Trish Baynham and Dr. Bill Quinn for a two-week trip and conclusion of a semester-long exploration of the history and philosophy of science. Whether it was a first time abroad or one of many international experiences, each student jumped at the chance to see many of the science milestones that were discussed in class.

One day, students explored the medical archives of the Wellcome Collection and another day, they visited the Florence Nightingale Museum. During those two weeks in London, the students’ scientific interests were enhanced with every stop along the way. This one class of students represented many different aspirations for putting their education to practice including:

Taylor Gabriel ’13, Biology, is headed to The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Zach Fusco ’13, Biology, will be an emergency medical technician in Austin prior to attending medical school.

Madison Shaft ’14, Biology with an education certification, will pursue her long-held passion for education by teaching science after graduation next year.

Anabel Rodriguez ’14, Biology, multi-tasked during the trip in order to complete her medical school applications moving Anabel closer to her goal of becoming a physician in the medically underserved Rio Grande Valley.

Jennifer Cassady ’14, Biology, is spending the summer working on genetics research at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Samantha Parsons ’15, Biochemistry, and Katharina Weber ’15, Biochemistry, returned to campus following the trip to London in order to continue their research work with professors from the School of Natural Sciences.

These students and their fellow classmates demonstrated in London that study abroad is not only possible for students in the natural sciences, but these types of trips greatly enhance their academic experience by bringing to life their classroom learning.