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August 29, 2013

St. Edward's Welcomes New International Students, New University Partners

Welcome, Bienvenido, Accueil, Willkommen, Benvenuto, Tervetuloa, Powitanie! No matter how you say it, St. Edward’s welcomes 115 new international students from 38 countries, who will call this campus home while they live and learn here. The new group includes freshmen, transfer and exchange students.

International students joining our campus community come from countries across Europe and South America, but also from Sierra Leone, Senegal and the Ivory Coast in West Africa, and Burma, Indonesia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. The top countries represented are Saudi Arabia, France, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, Honduras and Spain.

This rich cultural diversity is no accident at St. Edward’s. Academic excellence informed by a world perspective is a key component of the university’s vision and strategic plan. The chance to live and learn with students from across the globe is just one way to expand cultural horizons, but one of the best ways is to exit your comfort zone and study abroad.

With 14 partner universities in 10 countries, St. Edward’s is committed to providing students with every opportunity to become globally competent citizens. This semester, two new international partnerships expand the network of universities that are helping St. Edward’s provide global experiences both here in Austin and abroad:   

France: L'Institut Superieur de Gestion      
Located in Paris, the Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG) is one of Europe's leading business schools and was founded as a non-profit in 1967 by a group of prominent French corporate executives. Students can take courses in English but are required to take one French language class while there. Only if your French is très bon can you take courses taught in French.               

Germany: Katholische Universitat Eichstatt-Ingolstadt

Located in Bavaria, Katholische Universitat is the only private Catholic educational institution in Germany and houses one of the premier business schools in the country. Offering 40 different programs in two different locations and 4,500 students from many different nationalities; KU is a global networking, business oriented institution.

If you’re ready to pack your bags, then get over to the Office of International Education and don’t miss the October 9 deadline to apply for Spring 2014 study abroad opportunities.

The complete list of international partner universities:

  • Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO) in Angers, France
  • Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris, France
  • Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Fachhochschule Koblenz in Koblenz, Germany
  • Katholische Universitat Eichstatt-Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany
  • Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain
  • Universitat Jaume I in Castello de la Plana, Spain
  • Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan
  • Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, South Korea  
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey, with programs throughout Mexico
  • Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Vina del Mar, Chile
  • Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Valparaiso, Chile
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Students participate in a global capstone trip to a partner university in Chile.