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November 15, 2013

St. Edward's Student Changing How We Grow Food with His Invention, AquaSprouts

By Daniel Armbruster
Fox Austin

The technique may seem slightly fishy at first, but a young Texas entrepreneur is creating a way to use your home fish tank to help fill your refrigerator.

"The fish create waste and the pump suck up the fish's waste into the grow bed and bacteria convert this fish's waste into fertilizer," said Jack Ikard, creator of ‘AquaSprouts'.

That's right, a system that takes the poop out of your fish aquarium at home to grow vegetation right above. Jack Ikard didn't invent aquaponics, but the 20-year old St. Edwards student invented 'AquaSprouts'; offering a new way for consumers to look at how they grow their food.



"I take some basil and put it into my sandwiches all the time. I have a whole system at my house dedicated to wheat grass and I'll cut some wheat grass off and throw it into a smoothie," said Ikard.

The best part according to Ikard is that you won't have to clean your fish tank again.

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