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May 9, 2013

Arete: A Note from the Editor

This year’s editorial staff rediscovered Arete. We reflected on its twenty-one year history as a student publication and revisited its purpose going forward: Arete is loyal to its ancient namesake, striving for quality of research, writing, argumentation, and critical thinking; yet, the content of Arete is reinvented by a new cycle of students each year. It is a source of constant commentary on the issues that are relevant to today’s youth, reflecting the experiences of the students who write and produce it.

To embrace its student identity, this volume of Arete allows for more personality in the style of its published pieces. Although the journal is enlivened with handfuls of personal narrative, the content of each article remains real, current, meaningful, opinionated, and well-researched.

The authors who contribute to Arete explore the issues that are important to their generation. This year’s topics range from issues of national concern, such as human trafficking and cultural attitudes toward sex, to local issues about the environment and education. Each is approached with academic scrutiny, critical thinking, and zeal, as the authors present problems, question norms, propose change, and apply scholastic inquiry to the world as they see it.

Elisabeth Kelso

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About Arete
Arete is the award-winning, student-run academic journal at St. Edward’s University. First published in 1991, Arete is an annual publication that encourages students from all disciplines to submit research papers, essays, and theses with substantive, fresh, and well-researched arguments for an informed audience. The word “arete” (ahr-i-tey), meaning “virtue” and “excellence” in Greek, pays tribute to the honorable mission of scholastic inquiry.