Tools for Parents of Enrolled Students

Parents of enrolled students have a convenient gateway to academic and financial information such as grades and an online payment system for tuition and fees. In compliance with federal educational privacy laws, a parent can only access this information with their student's permission, and only the student who creates "Parent Guest Access" can modify the authorizations.

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. St. Edward’s University is among the schools to which this law applies.

Topper Tender »

Add money to your student's Topper Tender account, a prepaid spending account that can be used at the university's bookstore, dining halls and a variety of off-campus locations.

Rose Family
Prepared for Success

“St. Edward’s is a small, intimate college with outstanding academic programs, and it offers the sophistication most parents assume you can only get at a big school. The attention to morals and its hands-on learning environment were big factors in the success both Bryan and Allyson have had in the business world and in graduate school. We are convinced our children have gone farther, faster, in part from the quality of education they received and the maturity they developed during their undergraduate years.”
— Martin and Joni Rose, parents of Bryan Rose ’00 and Allyson (Rose) Schaeffer ’03, MBA ’10