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The KLE Foundation, Sooch Foundation and Edouard Foundation are among the many foundations that endow scholarships to benefit CAMP students. Children of migrant workers, often first in their family to attend college, depend on this critical support to make their dream of a college education a reality.

The Science of Giving

The growing need for well-trained scientists and the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center was the catalyst for a $500,000 grant from the Fondren Foundation and a $225,000 grant from the Sterling-Turner Foundation. W.M. Keck Foundation, Welch Foundation and Educational Advancement Foundation also provided significant program funding.

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Foundation Giving

Mission. It's a word that drives the work of organizations across the globe. This is especially evident at St. Edward's University.

Our mission goes well beyond outlining our educational objectives. It articulates our very purpose, conveying the life-changing outcomes that happen when those who love to teach and those who want to learn come together. Every innovation, every discussion, every job description reflects the daily and constant pursuit of this mission.

The foundations that support our students share our commitment to mission. They are valuable partners. They understand that a St. Edward's education transforms students' lives — as well as the local and global communities our students serve.

Gifts from foundations provide significant scholarships for our diverse student body, like the Monsanto Fund's decade of assistance for migrant students. Such gifts also fund opportunities for innovative research in areas like HIV drug resistance. And they provide crucial, consistent support for academics, like the Welch Foundation's longtime commitment to Chemistry faculty and students.

Through such philanthropy, we enhance the exceptional academic experience for which we are known. We also deepen the impact on each student we serve. Indeed, the generosity of foundations helps make our mission possible.

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