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Experience stories that are an extension of what you’ll find in St. Edward’s University Magazine. Stories, videos, blogs and slideshows use the best of the web to tell you the amazing things that the students, faculty and alumni of St. Edward’s are doing.

Text | Spring 2014 Volume 14 Issue 2
Think you know what it takes to break into the entertainment industry? We asked four alumni who are working as actors and directors for advice on finding success in this competitive and cutthroat business.
Videos | Spring 2014 Volume 14 Issue 2
Students in last fall’s Documentary Production class gave archival footage new life with their films. Watch two stories come to life through the narration of a musician recalling Lady Bird Johnson and a brother grappling with the sudden loss of his sister.
Video | Spring 2014 Volume 14 Issue 2
Get access to Hilltopper athletics with our video of great plays from the 2013–2014 season.
Narrated Slideshow | Spring 2014 Volume 14 Issue 2
Joe Arellano ’14 spent spring break in the Dominican Republic — not on vacation but as part of a Habitat for Humanity group from St. Edward’s. Take a look at his photos of the experience as he explains the ups and downs of constructing houses with his own hands.

Past Issues

Video | Winter 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1
Sustainability is more than just a trend at St. Edward’s. You can see it across the hilltop — from the native plants in our landscaping to the design of our newest buildings. Take a tour of just some of the ways we look out for the environment.
Video | Winter 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1
Austin-based artist Jennifer Hassin ’12 has created a red dove to empower sexual-abuse victims. Watch how she’s using her art to generate awareness and community engagement around an often upsoken crime.
Text | Winter 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1
Read more words of wisdom that professors have passed to their students, and hear the life lessons that MBA students at St. Edward’s are taking away from their education.
Slide Show | Winter 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1
The new Munday Library — constructed in record time! — brings sophisticated technology and additional study spaces to campus. Take a photo tour through our latest addition.
Video | Winter 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1
Cassidy Schiltz ’12 knows a little something about surreal moments. Standing on "The Price Is Right" stage next to host Drew Carey and becoming the second-biggest winner in the show’s history ranks among her top ones.
Video | Fall 2013 Volume 13 Issue 3
Each year, St. Edward’s University welcomes new and returning Hilltoppers and their families with a weekend-long affair. We’ve captured it all, from move-in early Friday morning through the Medallion Ceremony for freshmen on Sunday afternoon.
Video | Fall 2013 Volume 13 Issue 3
Faculty/student mentorships aren’t unusual at St. Edward’s, but the bond between Anabel Rodriguez ’14 and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Trish Baynham is special. Hear what the relationship means to them.
Video | Fall 2013 Volume 13 Issue 3
This summer, a group of students traveled to Chile to both experience a different culture and complete their Capstone projects. We captured the nervousness and excitement of living with a host family and what happens when Capstone goes abroad. Hint: It’s pretty great. We’ve also got an adorable video from a 9-year-old Chilean student learning English.
Video | Fall 2013 Volume 13 Issue 3
Check out how Aimee Bobruk ’03 and Melissa Robinson MBA ’11 are living their (respective) dreams. Bobruk has made a career of being a working musician, and Robinson is the co-owner of a gluten-free flour company startup.
Video | Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 2
The MBA in Digital Media Management program gives students a platinum pass to South by Southwest. We captured their experiences as they attended the Interactive Festival.
Text | Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 2
It’s true: Academics love to read. We asked a few professors to name their favorite books. From summertime pleasure reads to heavy academic tomes, here are a few you might want to throw in your beach bag.
Video | Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 2
Managing a bustling coffee shop. Producing films. Running a nonprofit. These are some of the diverse and notable jobs held by three young St. Edward’s University alumni who let us shadow them while they work. View the slideshows to take an inside peek at the reality of their nine-to-fives (that sometimes require many, many more hours).
Slide Show | Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 2
New construction, renovations and campus improvements are in full swing at St. Edward’s University. See some of the changes, both big and small, happening on the hilltop.
Text | Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 2
Sure, there have been lots of physical changes to the campus over the years, but more than a few things have withstood the test of time. Two of the most iconic — Sorin Oak and Main Building’s red doors — provide as much inspiration today as they did a century ago.
Text | Winter 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1
When a St. Edward’s University student set out to make a difference for Austin’s homeless population, little did he know how big the Reach Out event would become.
Video | Winter 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1
In Fall 2012, Mary Moody Northen Theatre presented Charles Mee’s Under Construction. Unlike most plays, this one asks the director to choose the scenes and their order. This production involved 22 disconnected scenes spanning five decades in 70 minutes — a whirlwind exploration of what it means to be American. Here’s a clip with excerpts from a few of those scenes.
Slide Show | Winter 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1
Many aspiring thespians have honed their crafts at Mary Moody Northen Theatre. Here are just a few whose stars have been launched from the stage.
Video | Winter 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1
Ten students traveled to Beppu, Japan, in Summer 2012 to complete a documentary photography project with Professor Joe Vitone. Through their lenses, they discovered the quirks of Japanese culture, the importance of fresh fish to the Japanese people, and how old and new coexist in this university town halfway across the world.
Slide Show | Fall 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3
After spending four years on the St. Edward’s campus, you probably think you know every nook and cranny on the hilltop. See how well you know the campus with our slideshow of extreme close-ups of some of the far-flung corners of campus.
Text | Fall 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3
Professor of Chemistry Eamonn Healy fills us in on the latest research on Huntington’s disease.
Video | Fall 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3
Watch Madame Evelyne de Pontbriand, owner of the French winery Domaine du Closel, teach St. Edward’s University students (and you) how to savor a glass of vin.
Text | Fall 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3
Father Rick Wilkinson, CSC, has been imparting wisdom on the hilltop as director of Campus Ministry for the past 14 years. Before leaving St. Edward’s this summer, he shared two of his final homilies at Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel with us.
Text | Spring 2012 Volume 12 Issue 2
Marianne Shea ’11 tells us what it’s like to be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Amasya, Turkey.
Slide Show | Spring 2012 Volume 12 Issue 2
Eight St. Edward’s University faculty members let us peek inside their offices. See whose office has more books than we can count, and whose office is filled with frogs.
Video | Spring 2012 Volume 12 Issue 2
We asked five esteemed alumni of St. Edward's to share their expertise with us. Find out how to build the perfect sandwich, throw a wicked curveball, make five healthful snacks your kids will actually eat, train for a 5K and identify real vintage clothing from knockoffs.