All in a Day's Work

We trail three impressive alumni at their jobs — and they fill us in on what their daily to-do really is.

Push the tables to the sides of the room. Direct your staff. Greet the caterer. Welcome the florist. Check your watch one more time to see if you have time to run home and put on your evening gown. If you do, you’ll stay on schedule.

A mild February morning finds Alex Winkelman ’11 in the ballroom at the Scottish Rite Theater in downtown Austin. It’s a bit of a harried scene, but she’s used to it. In her fifth year of Citizen Generation, the third annual CharityBash Masquerade Ball marks her 48th philanthropic event targeted to young adults. The ball is just one of several events put on by Citizen Generation, Winkelman’s nonprofit organization that raises money for charities by throwing events for Austinites under 40, all with the goal of teaching them to be philanthropic. In just a few hours, the ballroom will be flooded with attendees dressed to the nines and enjoying drinks and dancing. But Winkelman’s work isn’t all cocktails and networking.

Take a look at a day in her life and the lives of two other young alumni who aren’t wasting any time pursuing their passions to experience both the grit and glamour of their day jobs.


Alex Winkelman '11
Alex Winkelman '11 »

Executive Director
Citizen Generation

Christina Hales '11
Christina Hales '11 »

Co-owner & manager
LavAzza Espression

Ryan Schmidt '11
Ryan Schmidt '11 »

Associate Producer
Electro-Fish Films