Faculty and Their Domains

St. Edward’s University faculty let us peek inside their offices.

An autographed Kinky Friedman doll. An anthology of more than 1,000 children’s books. A frog collection.

Just as libraries are becoming much more than book repositories, faculty offices are more than places to display diplomas and textbooks. As a top liberal arts university, the faculty libraries at St. Edward’s are creative reflections of the people who inhabit them. Some are filled with tidily alphabetized books, others are overflowing with papers and burgeoning bookshelves, and a few have hardly any books. But all are interesting.

Here we bring you an inside look at eight noteworthy faculty offices on the hilltop — and a glimpse into the compelling people who occupy them.

Br. Donard Steffes, CSC
Br. Donard Steffes, CSC »

Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Retired

Chris Flynn
Chris Flynn »

Associate Professor of English Literature

Cynthia Naples
Cynthia Naples »

Associate Dean of the School of Natural Sciences

Professor of Mathematics

Frank Krafka
Frank Krafka »

Professor of Business Administration

Hollis Hammonds
Hollis Hammonds »

Assistant Professor of Art

Judy A. Leavell
Judy A. Leavell »

Associate Professor of Reading

Neal Wise
Neal Wise »

Professor of Political Science

Emma Lou Linn
Emma Lou Linn »

Professor of Psychology