How to Do Even More Stuff

Alumni of St. Edward’s University, a top liberal arts university, can do many things — run profitable corporations, lead meaningful nonprofit organizations and conduct important research, just to name a few. But they can also do things like build mouth-watering submarine sandwiches. And come up with five healthful snacks even the pickiest kids will devour. We caught up with five alumni who share their practical and just downright fun expertise with us.

Build the Perfect Sub
Build the Perfect Sub »

Tangy mustard, crunchy vegetables, savory meat, fresh-baked bread. Hungry yet? Richard Hood ’71, owner of Hoody’s Subs in Round Rock, shows us how to build the ultimate sandwich.

Train for a 5K
Train for a 5K »

If you’ve never run in a race before, completing a 5k is a great goal. David Fuentes ’09, winner of the 2011 San Antonio Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon, gets us to the finish line.

Throw a Curveball
Throw a Curveball »

It goes by many names: the drop, Uncle Chuck, yakker, bender and hammer. Jim Shelton ’85, head coach of the Southwestern University baseball team, shows us how to throw a ball with a wicked spin.

Make 5 Healthy Snacks
Make 5 Healthy Snacks »

Do you have fussy eaters in your house? Janice Swope ’73, a retired physical education teacher from Pflugerville, helps please those discerning palates.

Buy Vintage Clothing
Buy Vintage Clothing »

Before you open your wallet to make that vintage clothing piece yours, check out this advice from Talena Rasmussen ’00, co-owner of the New Bohemia boutique in South Austin, on how to tell true vintage clothing from “vintage inspired.”