Studying and Living in Chile

Capstone Across Continents
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A semester of exhaustive research and a few all-nighters are par for the course when it comes to completing the senior Capstone project. But what happens when the course goes abroad? It’s not just the scenery that changes; the learning does, too.

Home Away From Home
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When students study abroad, everything is new. The food, the transportation systems, the language and so on. And after long days navigating the culture, what’s better than coming home to a warm welcome, a hot meal and a cozy bed? These are just a few of the perks of living with host families.

From My Window
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¿Dónde Vives? This summer, students from St. Edward’s University used that question to spark connections with grade-school students at the Uruguay School in Valparaíso, Chile. The video exercise was an opportunity for the grade-schoolers to work on their English and for the St. Edward’s students to learn more about their host country.