A Theatrical Collage

Five decades. Twenty-two scenes. Seventy minutes. It’s a lot of ground to cover for the cast and crew of Under Construction, but they’re up for the task.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Mary Moody Northen Theatre put together an all-star season of new and classic plays. Kicking the season off was Charles Mee’s heavy-hitting Under Construction, a play that has more in common with free-form jazz music than traditional American theater.

Under Construction contains dozens of scenes, with instructions for the director to choose scenes and put them in order to shape his or her personal vision out of Mee’s raw material. In Director David Long’s hands, the resulting narrative explores race, gender and American identity.

We sat in on the preview of the show — the last rehearsal before opening night — to capture a scrapbook of scenes from this unique play. You’ll see the American dream of the 1950s juxtaposed with modern blogs and pop music brought to life by a dedicated 10-person cast.