What Is the Science LLC?

The Science Living Learning Community was originally funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2010 (DUE #0969153).  It created the CASAR Project: Community for Achievement in Science, Academics, and Research - a residential learning community (aka LLC) designed specifically to give new SEU Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) majors an opportunity to get a head start on their studies and create a community of like-minded students to help each other through the first year of college, with support from faculty, staff, and returning STEM majors, many of whom were members of the Science LLC in previous years.

We have several community benefits that have been carefully designed to help LLC members to succeed in their classes:

  • Early move-in!  Beat the rush when several hundred new and returning students will all be moving in on the same day. You will move in several days sooner than everybody else.
  • Freshman Accelerated Research Methods (FARM) Workshop:  Offered one week prior to the start of classes.  You will learn research tools and methodologies in several of the disciplines represented in the School of Natural Sciences. Select the About FARM link on the left to learn more.  Select the FARM Workshop Reservations link to reserve your place at FARM.
  • Cohort Scheduling: Seats are reserved in common courses that first year STEM majors typically take so that the students in the LLC can take these common classes together.  A list of these common STEM courses is found on the left hand side of the page: LLC Common Course Recommendations.
  • Summer Research Opportunities: Interested students can apply to participate in summer research projects on campus that typically covers room and board plus a stipend.
  • Fun Stuff:  We offer many activities to balance the demands of study with need for relaxation.  

To reserve your place, select the Science LLC Online Application  link on the left, answer all the questions, and submit the application as soon as possible. Some workshops may fill and close, so sooner is better than later!