An Era of Unequivocal Success

At St. Edward’s, providing a transformative educational experience for students is central to our mission. It’s our passion. So, too, are we committed to our own continuing transformation as a thriving liberal arts university.

Inspired by visionary leadership and our Holy Cross tradition, our enthusiasm, commitment and shared sense of purpose have fueled academic innovations, outstanding student and alumni achievements, prestigious national rankings, and a growing international presence.

Since 1999, we’ve implemented a series of ambitious strategic plans and achieved them with unprecedented success. From 1999 to 2009, we realized our vision of being recognized as one of the country’s best small universities — a distinction we’ve held for 17 consecutive years and counting. From 2010 to 2014, we made tremendous strides in preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of a 21st-century world, with an emphasis on global learning. Most recently, from 2015 to 2019, we focused on preparing students for the demands of accelerating technological, economic and cultural changes.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we move forward on important strategic priorities for 2022. We do so in uncertain times, when political, economic and cultural forces are creating dramatic societal change. Strategic Plan 2022 guides our transformation and growth in this era, bolstering our standards of academic excellence as we prepare students for fulfilling futures, professionally and personally.

Hear George E. Martin, president of St. Edward’s University, give an overview of Strategic Plan 2022 in this video.

A Dedication to Excellence and Collaboration

Strategic Plan 2022 is the product of university-wide participation. Facilitated by our Strategic Plan Steering Committee, we spent a year conducting discussions across campus about our aspirations, needs and opportunities for enhancing our academic community to better serve our students. More than 150 faculty, staff and students contributed rich and thoughtful feedback to priorities and a vision that will shape St. Edward’s over the next five years. From these conversations, the committee identified and refined four central themes for the plan.

The resulting Strategic Plan 2022 outlines the kind of relevant, individualized educational experience St. Edward’s strives to offer. It emphasizes flexibility and success. With guidance from a dedicated faculty and staff, students are embarking on unique educational pathways driven by imagination and initiative. Our students have constant opportunities for self-realization — and with a supportive campus community behind them, they become thoughtful, engaged leaders and global citizens, ready to take on their world.

A Stewardship of Progress

Energized by Strategic Plan 2022, we are working together toward our vision, learning, adjusting and improving our process along the way. The St. Edward’s University Planning Council, made up of faculty, staff and students, oversees the implementation of the strategic plan. Council members track our progress on strategic priorities, and refine and renew the plan as needed. 

How do we determine our success? The indicators are many, embedded in a single promise often expressed by President George E. Martin to our students: “St. Edward’s helps you discover who you are, who you can be and who you should be.” As we join forces to fulfill our vision, this promise is our compass. 

Our Vision

At St. Edward’s University, every student will explore transformational pathways to knowledge, experience, understanding and achievement.

Holy Cross Community

Anchored in Holy Cross, Catholic values, we will cultivate student experiences that educate both the mind and the heart.

  • Enhance our understanding of our Holy Cross mission and the ways it influences our work and lives, drawing particularly on the resources of the Holy Cross Institute.
  • Provide students with a moral and ethical educational foundation to help them navigate in a constantly changing world.
  • Enrich the culture of service, justice and philanthropy.

Student Experience

Challenge all students to pursue educational pathways that foster their success.

  • Enhance academic distinctiveness through teaching excellence, innovative programs and applied learning opportunities.
  • Provide a holistic education that integrates classroom and co-curricular experiences.
  • Strengthen our vibrant, engaged, inclusive and responsive campus community. 

Austin Connections

Enrich the student educational experience by deepening the relationship between the university and the Austin community.

  • Engage and serve the Austin community with greater effect and more visibility.
  • Cultivate distinctive, local partnerships that enhance our academic experiences and reputation.
  • Leverage opportunities in Austin that will enhance the university’s position as a premier private university. 

Institutional Transformation

Stimulate innovation, collaboration, and informed risk-taking throughout the institution.

  • Be an adaptive, evolving organization to increase knowledge, competence and performance.
  • Develop the physical, financial, programmatic and human resources necessary to provide meaningful student experiences.
  • Be recognized as an employer of choice that attracts and fosters talented faculty and staff.