Experience all college has to offer.

We can help you map out a semester-by-semester degree sequence that includes experiences outside the classroom, like study abroad, research, and internships.

Choosing a Major

We are here to help you clarify your interests and connect them to degree programs, academic experiences and extracurricular opportunities.

Your academic counselor can help you clarify your major or minor with customized academic coaching and interest assessment. In addition, Career and Professional Development can help with major exploration and career planning.

Academic Plan to Graduate

Understanding all the courses you need to take to graduate can be overwhelming. Your success coach can help you build a customized academic plan to account for your particular major, minor and goals.

Why do you need an academic plan?

  • To help you understand your degree requirements
  • To build in opportunities like study abroad, research and internships
  • To determine if summer school is right for you

Degree Works is the tool to assist you in making an academic plan.

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Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

College is more than just classes. It's your chance to gain interesting experiences. Your success coach can help you plan for and connect to amazing experiences like:

Stress-Free Tips to Choosing a Major

Stress-Free Tips to Choosing a Major

Students tend to stress about defining their major before starting college. Here, we give you some advice on how to choose a major, even after you have started your freshman year.