Your on-campus living experience at St. Edward’s significantly contributes to your educational and personal growth. Many of our students join Living Learning Communities (LLCs), where community and learning extend beyond the classroom. 

Students in a Living Learning Community select their housing based on a common theme connected to their freshmen seminar. You will meet a diverse group of students who share that same interest and live in the same residence hall. Students in LLCs take at least one course together and participate in theme-related discussions, special events and exclusive opportunities available only to students in your LLC.

Why Apply for an LLC

Why Apply for an LLC

LLCs help students successfully transition from high school to college. Because you get connected early, develop meaningful friendships and work closely with a faculty member, you'll have a strong support network. Your academic experience is enhanced outside of the classroom, so you'll also likely have a higher GPA. 

Incoming freshmen can choose from five LLCs:

How To Apply

Students who plan to live on campus may sign up for an LLC after you are accepted to St. Edward’s and have submitted your enrollment deposit. To sign up, you must select an LLC-labeled bed in the housing portal. For questions, contact rozsabella [at] (subject: Question%20About%20LLCs) (Roz Sabella).

The priority application deadline for LLCs is Friday, April 12, 2019 (LLCs may fill prior to priority deadline).

If you are a STEM major and are interested in getting a jump start on your academic success and meeting other students, learn about FARM Week (open only to STEM majors).

Learning Communities

All first year students will join either a Learning Community or a Living Learning Community. To learn more about the Freshman Seminar and Learning Communities, please visit the Freshman Seminar webpage.

4 Reasons to Join an LLC

4 Reasons to Join an LLC

Do you want to meet people who share your same interests, and who enjoy the same activities as you? Learn about some reasons why joining an LLC can help you network to make your freshman year unforgettable.