Students, faculty, and staff must request classroom and conference space through the 25Live Event Scheduler. Please read all of the instructions below before attempting to reserve a room. Non-SEU or external groups, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to request a room for an event.

The Event Scheduler not only routes reservation requests, but also shows a calendar of scheduled events by date, name, and location. This makes it possible for requesters to verify open rooms before requesting them. The Event Scheduler can also list room capacities and rooms with specific features, but for a quick reference, view this Detailed List of Classrooms. Please follow the instructions below to request a room:

Do not save an event until you are finished with ALL of these steps.

  • STEP 1: Log-in Process

    Please note that even if you are logged into myHilltop, you must log into 25Live as well. Being logged into myHilltop does not automatically log you into 25Live.

    Click the following link to navigate directly to the 25Live Event Scheduler. The Room Scheduler link can also be found on the new myHilltop page.  Once logged into myHilltop, the Room Scheduler link can be found under 'Quick Links'.

    Please note that there is also a 'Help' button in the upper-right corner. Consult the 25Live help file if you have any difficulties using 25Live.

  • STEP 2: Event Creation Process

    There are 5 required fields for event creation: Name, Type, Organization, Date/Time, and State.

    1. Name your event.
    2. Choose an appropriate event type. This is not a critical step. Any event type will work here.
    3. Choose an appropriate organization. For adhoc room requests, choose or type 'ADHC'. Otherwise, find your specific office, student, or external organization code and choose it.
    4. Specify the start and end dates/times, as well as any repeating dates. Specify repeating dates by choosing 'Repeats Adhoc' from the drop down menu. NEVER uncheck the 'Same day' checkbox. This option will be removed in the future, but for now it is there and it cannot be unchecked.
    5. Set the state for your event. This is defaulted to 'Tentative', which is the right choice for room reservation requests.
  • STEP 3: Optional Data

    Everything else is optional. If you need a particular room or have space preferences, then choose your preferences in the 'Locations' section. The space collection 'Registrar Rooms' contains all of the classrooms that can be scheduled. You can also 'Browse More Locations' and search by capacity, features, layouts, and more.

    If you do not have a room preference, but know an approximate number of people who will be attending your event, then enter the 'Head Count' section and specify a maximum head count.

  • STEP 4: Save the Event
    When you are finished, click the 'Save' button to request the event. After clicking save, your event has been submitted and is pending approval. You will receive a confirmation email when the event is approved. Also, the state of your event will change from 'Tentative' to 'Confirmed' when it is approved.

Non-SEU or external groups should contact Ashley Vasquez at (512) 448-8456 or
avasque6 [at] for classroom reservations and pricing.

Ashley Vasquez | Ph (512) 448-8456 | avasque6 [at]