No one should have to navigate college on their own.

This sentiment rings especially true for Lindsey Taucher ’94, an advising specialist at St. Edward’s University. Taucher has seen every type of student come through her office door, which is why she’s adapted a personalized approach to each student.

“Success is very different from student to student,” she says. “For some, we talk about time management and test-taking skills. For others, we practice going to office hours with their professors or work through what courses they need for their major.” 

While Taucher’s approach is customized for each student, there are some tried-and-true tips that she’s found apply to all students at St. Edward’s.

Connect with Faculty

“Our faculty are here because they love to teach. They want you to be successful. They want you to understand and master the content — all while enjoying and finding zeal in it. And that’s not just faculty in your major. I know many students who end up with a mentor or graduate-school connection from, say, a religious studies or ethics professor.”

Lindsey Taucher

Use Every Resource

“The math lab. The writing center. The library. Use every resource possible. A faculty member once likened all of the resources at St. Edward’s to Starbucks coffee drinks. Your tuition gives you unlimited Starbucks gift cards. If you don’t use them during your four years, the gift cards will go unredeemed.”

Enjoy College ... Have Fun!

“When students harken back to their college experience, they’re not just thinking about the classroom. Have gratitude, and be mindful about what you are enjoying. Stop, notice and appreciate. You’ll find that your holistic experience at St. Edward’s leads to more success all around.”

Lindsey Taucher was recently awarded a Certificate of Merit for the Outstanding Advising Award – Primary Advising Role from NACADA, a national organization for academic advisors.