Designing your life as a new college student means striking a balance between hard work and enjoying meaningful leisure time. In addition to a rigorous and supportive academic experience, St. Edward’s offers unique and fun activities for students that vary from taking trips to the great outdoors, to free concerts on campus. Here are four ways to enjoy your non-class time on the hilltop (and in Austin) to the fullest.

Camp Under the Stars

The Texas hill country is an ideal place for outdoor adventures! The RecWell Outdoor Adventure Program is one way to immerse yourself in nature (and Austin has a lot of it). With weekend trips like the Pace Bend Hammock Camping Trip and the San Marcos Canoeing and Camping Trip, you can become one with the rolling hills and lakes of Austin while making unforgettable memories with new friends.

Never been camping before? No worries! These trips are designed for people who have little to no camping experience. Food, transportation, and all the camping gear you may need are provided.

Keep it Fun with Fitness Classes

When you’re tired and all you want to do is cozy up for a nap, going to workout could seem like the last thing on your mind. But trying out new physical activities is an inspiring way to spend an afternoon. During the first week of every semester, Campus Wellness offers free class previews for Zumba, Spin, Yoga and Water Aerobics. A bonus is that all of these classes are held on campus, so it is easily accessible to any student.

Cheer on Friends with Hilltopper Spirit

When it comes to sports, St. Edward’s has a variety of Division II sports teams that you can get involved with. If you’re like me and playing a collegiate sport isn’t your forte, you can still support the teams from the sideline. Going out to the games (we have soccer, basketball, volleyball, and baseball among others) is the perfect time to connect with friends over your love of the sport. The energy and people you are surrounded by while at a game on the hilltop is like no other.

Fest on the Weekends (at On-Campus Events)

As a college student, one of the biggest factors in deciding what social activities I participate in is the cost. Luckily at St. Edward’s, there are always free events to attend! Some of my favorites are Hillfest and Blues on the Hill, university-wide concerts featuring local musicians who perform on campus. Here, you can discover new music and experience a connection with living in a music town. Learn more about on campus events.

Karina Parra ’19 is a Communication major from Dallas. She loves attending Hillfest, saying, “I really love the atmosphere. There are fun rides, great music, delicious food, and of course the fireworks that fill the sky above the Austin skyline!”