I’m Alek, a sophomore Digital Media Management major and a trumpet player in the jazz band at St. Edward’s University. Here are a few of my favorite songs that I listened to while completing college application and selection process. Hopefully these songs will give you a crash course into the diversity of the Austin music scene and keep you motivated through this exciting time.  

“A Place To Start” by White Denim

I remember listening to this one when my internet crashed, and I lost all of the progress on my application. Ironic, huh? Nevertheless, save your progress as you go.

“Gimme Some” by Grupo Fantasma

This Austin band won a Grammy in 2011. My trumpet teacher is a part of the group, so I’m a little biased on this one. If you dig Latin funk, this one’s for you.

“Fresh Squeezed” by Duncan Fellows

This the ultimate song for a sunny day in beautiful Austin, Texas. It’s charismatic, and high-energy just like the Live Music Capital of the World.

“Love from Afar” by Swimming with Bears

This one is a bit more laid back from the previous. My favorite line is “Sweet memories, ooh they change too swift.” It reminds me of leaving for college and the excitement of making new friends.

“Candy Wrappers” by Summer Salt

Summer Salt cites influences like bossa nova and the oldies. “Candy Wrappers” has moments where samba-esque and blues-sounding guitar parts come through, and it makes for a lovely mix.

“Lies” by Culture Wars

Culture Wars’ newest EP was mixed and mastered by guys who have worked with The Killers, Imagine Dragons and Kanye West. Needless to say, the group has a big-time sound and swagger. Vibes you need to keep motivated!

“White Lies” by Max Frost

Frost is actually a one-man band, and he’s an Austin local. His sound is retro, combining influences across genres. If you want something refreshing and unique, check this one out.

“Inside Out” by Spoon

Perhaps one of the most renowned groups to come out of Austin, Spoon has been around since 1993. They offer their own eclectic take on classic rock that’s worth listening to.

“Mama Bling” by Abhi the Nomad

Originally from India, Abhi has been a literal nomad his entire life. He hopes to obtain a talent visa to stay in the U.S. while he attends community college here in Austin. His story makes him one of my favorite rappers today.

“Blood Ring” by The Bishops

The Bishops are a hip-hop group of three siblings. Together they pioneer their own “refreshingly breezy R&B” as the Austin Chronicle describes it.

“Playing Fair” by Hunter Sharpe

This is definitely my favorite song from the list. Sharpe plays alt-rock that’s a little more edgy and raw. I never filled out my application faster than when listening to this.

“Fools” by Wild Child

Taking a break from the edgy rock, here’s some indie folk that you can unwind with when you finally hit “submit” on your application.  

Good luck with your college application process. I hope to see you here on campus at St. Edward’s and around the Austin music scene soon!